Exhibit 5:  Transitional Forms

A truly transitional form would be some plant or animal that has an organ or appendage that is not yet serving a useful purpose.  In a subsequent generation though this useless object is "improved upon" presumably by a fortunate mutation and then it serves a useful purpose.  How does a nonfunctional sex organ get passed on until it becomes functional?

We've all seen the "fish with legs" illustrations that is supposed to be the transitional form between sea life and land life.  Notice that these are always only illustrations!  No such creature has been found alive or in the fossil record!  Also realize that transitional forms would actually vastly outnumber the fully functional ones.  For example, if there were only 10 differences between apes or chimpanzees and man (there are many more), then there would be at least 10 transitional forms between them and whole populations of them for millions of years until the "fully functional" form finally arrives!

There should not be a single "missing link" if Evolution is indeed occurring!  And why look for the living among the dead?  Evolutionists are still searching the fossil record hoping to find these missing links when they would be living all around us today!

By the way, what would "Natural Selection" do with one of these transitional forms if one did happen to come along?  That's right, it would be eliminated by survival of the fittest since it is not as viable as the fully functional forms.  See also Exhibit 10 Natural Selection.

Creation demands zero transitional forms, Evolution demands trillions of them.
Why is it that just the very thing that will prove Evolution (transitions) are missing?


This is a symbol commonly seen which states that the person displaying it is a Christian.  Jesus really did exist as a person whether or not you believe He is Lord.

We see these all the time on car bumpers.  The difference between these is that Jesus actually exists, but a fish with legs doesn't!  The person displaying this symbol believes in Evolution and thinks that if he traces his family history back far enough he will find a monkey!

Fake Evidence


The famous fish with legs never existed.  That is why we see only drawings or fake photos like this one of these imagined transitional forms between sea and land animals!


Where are the millions of individuals represented by the transitional forms from chimpanzee to man in this work of fiction?  This is a symbol for the American Humanist Association.


The picture at left is claiming that fish jaws, gills, and teeth evolved over long periods of time.  Why don't they show us the actual fish represented if they really do exist?  Also, how is the transitional form supposed to live while its jaws, teeth and gills are changing into some other form?

Here are some examples of skulls that supposedly show Evolution.  Note that there is very little actual bone material to work with.  The white areas are clay that an artist used to build his or her conception of what the skull should look like.  You and I could just as easily come up with a very different shape than this artist!  Where are these supposed transitional forms today?  They would still be living among us.  If you say "extinction", why are just these missing links missing?  Chimpanzees and apes are still among us.  Every "missing link" should be living among us today.

See also Exhibit5A Fake Transitional Form about a recent fake news article.

The following is a fictional example of a series of transitional forms that would prove Evolution.  Frame A is a typical horse.  Frame E is a horse that has evolved fully functional wings.  In between are examples of what would be millions of individuals over millions of years until the wing was perfected.

If you can identify a series of transitional forms like the above, see the Reward for Proof of Evolution page.

transitional form cartoon

"What do you think we're evolving into?"
 (Licensed from cartoonstock.com)
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