Exhibit 6:  Vestigial Organs

Per Evolutionists a vestigial organ or appendage is supposedly something that exists in a living organism without any function, but served some useful purpose in the past in some ancestral form. These should exist as well as harmless appendages that never did perform any useful function. They would be external as well as internal.

Here is an illustration of a created man as opposed to one who just evolved by chance:

vestigial organs

Note that the Evolution man is bloated due to the numerous useless internal vestigial organs. Evolution would be obvious and undeniable if we looked like the man on the right! He would have trouble finding a suit that fits!

If Evolution is truly occurring, vestigial organs would not only exist, but they would greatly outnumber the fully functional ones!  The same argument applies for transitional forms as described in Exhibit 5.  Since Evolution is a random, chance process, there must be numerous trial and error combinations until a functional organ or appendage is produced.  Any of these "vestigial" organs would still be in existence in a multitude of species and individuals and there would be no doubt that Evolution is fact.

However, in the late 1800's there were an estimated 150 vestigial parts in the human body.  Supposedly anyone can claim that something is vestigial because it serves no apparent purpose and the individual can survive without it.  Today there are no vestigial organs claimed for the human body!  That is because in the last 100 years, medical science has found that there is indeed a purpose to everything in the human body.

Creation says there will be zero vestigial organs while Evolution requires millions of them.

vestigial organs

This car engine also has no vestigial parts because, like the human body, it too had a Creator!  If something so complex as the human body could evolve by chance, then even more so could this automobile evolve by chance.

I don't know what many of the car parts do, but that doesn't mean they are useless leftovers (vestigial).

vestigial organs

Just look at how the human body is ingeniously packaged.  Like the car engine above, everything in the human body has a purpose and was designed by a Creator.

vestigial organs First we remove the external vestigial organs so we can make an incision.
After the incision we must remove the internal vestigial organs that are in our way.
Then we can perform the heart surgery.

Why don't we ever hear doctors mention vestigial organs?
vestigial organs Vestigial Organ Donor Card - why don't we see these?
vestigial organs We're having Vestigial Stew today.
Tomorrow it will be left over left overs!
vestigial organ cartoon
He's been acting like this ever since his tail dropped off! (Licensed from cartoonstock.com)
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