Exhibit 8:  Complexity of Life

We are told that life has evolved from "simple" forms millions of years ago, to the "more complex" forms of today. But is there really such a thing as "simple" life? Are earlier life forms any less complex than those living now?

All life is complex with various modes of locomotion, senses, metabolism, food gathering, and reproduction.  Science has not been able to create even "simple" life from scratch.  All Science can hope to do is genetically alter or clone some already existing life form.

Look at this Trilobite again from Exhibit 4 Fossils.  It is supposed to be a "primitive" life form from 600 million years ago.  Yet it has compound eyes, 3 body parts, jointed legs, and a hard shell.  This supposedly is the oldest example of eyes and the whole optical system and it is compound, not simple.  Also notice that there are two eyes for depth perception!  There is no evidence living or in the fossil record that Evolution tried any other number of eyes before deciding that two worked well together.  Also isn't it fortunate that the eyes match up to the eye sockets rather than being hidden uselessly inside the skull.

If I'm so primitive, how come I could fly and you can't?
complex life cartoon
"Nice evolving!"  (Licensed from cartoonstock.com)
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