If you don't believe God created all living things, male and female, in 6 days....
How many millions of years was it between the first male and the first female?
The Missing Universe Museum contrasts the Evolution and Creation models of origins. The main purpose of this museum is to demonstrate that these two models are opposites and therefore are mutually exclusive. The public will be shown the assumptions behind each model and will be assisted in making predictions based on them. Evidence from around the world is presented so that each person will be able to make an intelligent, informed decision as to which model best explains our universe.

How we view our origins (by Evolution or Creation) affects our perception of ourselves and others, the world and its resources, and our plans for the future!

Exhibit  1: 
The Evolution and Creation Models  (Opposite Theories)
Exhibit  2: 
Early Earth Atmosphere
Exhibit  3: 
Family Tree Charts
Exhibit  4: 
Exhibit  5: 
Transitional Forms
Exhibit  6: 
Vestigial Organs (Evolution's leftovers?)
Exhibit  7: 
Unconformities (Do not conform to Evolution)
Exhibit  8: 
Complexity of Life
Exhibit  9: 
Exhibit 10: 
Natural Selection
Exhibit 11: 
Exhibit 12: 
Homology (Study of similar things)
Exhibit 13: 
Dating Methods
Exhibit 14: 
Probability (Does Evolution have a chance?)
Exhibit 15: 
Which Came First? (The Chicken or the Egg?)
Exhibit 16: 
Reproductive Systems (Sex)
Exhibit 17: 
Exhibit 18: 
Balance of Nature
Exhibit 19: 
Identifying Created vs. Natural Objects
Exhibit 20: 
The House That Evolution Built
Exhibit 21: 
What Evolutionists Say About Evolution
Exhibit 22: 
God's Word or Man's Word?
Exhibit 23: 
Evidence of a Global Flood
Exhibit 24: 
The Great Programmer (Software for the Hardware)
Exhibit 25: 
What Happened Here? (Two views.)


Evolution Test
(Students, give this test to your teachers to see if they know what they are teaching!)

Reward For Proof of Evolution!

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